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About Us

About Us

At Parallelogram Institute we want to work with who you are now and support your future growth.We honor your unique personality, culture, and experiences. We use your experiences as a roadmap to take your skills into your business with success. If you have a dream of setting up a business while using your teaching experience, knowledge, and skills, let our Innovative Programs take you there.


Our vision is to show Educators how to overcome past failures, turn their vision into a reality, and gain success as a profitable entrepreneur to live their best life.


To show teachers how to leverage their teaching skills, knowledge, and experiences and transition into entrepreneurship.


Founder and CEO of Parallelogram Institute and Teachers Business Academy.

She is a coach, speaker, author, and creator of the Leading, Inspiring, and Innovating and Destination You Method. She is also the host of Personality 1st Then Tech podcast.
She was an educator who worked in secondary schools and adult continuing education. Her knowledge areas include STEM, math assessment, curriculum and professional development, instructional design, and educational technology.
Throughout her career, she has published research studies, established expert-level training, and developed strategic relationships among educators, colleagues, and stakeholders, creating a positive learning environment that has impacted the students, particularly in their academic performance. Now, she is using her wealth of knowledge in her business to serve her clients at the highest level.

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